3D printed tank 3D tištěný tank Tiger H1 měřítko 1/10 scale 1/10
Tiger H1 .STL 1/10


Tiger H1 .STL 1/10


Legendary German heavy tank Tiger H1 from the World War II era. Files for 3D printing your own tank.

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Tiger H1 – .STL files for 3D printing RC tank in 1/10 scale

Tiger H1 is an iconic tank of World War II. It became one of the most significant and successful tanks of the war. The history of the Tiger I tank dates back to 1942 when it was developed in response to Germany’s need to strengthen its defensive capabilities against enemy tanks, particularly the Soviet KV-1 and T-34 tanks.

The Tiger I was characterized by its high firepower and strong armor, allowing it to survive on the battlefield against allied tanks. Additionally, it was equipped with a very accurate and effective 88mm Kw.K.36 L/56 gun, enabling it to destroy enemy tanks with great efficiency at very long distances.

The Tiger I became a key combat tank in Germany’s defense and participated in many battles, such as Kursk, Normandy, and the Ardennes. Its ability to penetrate enemy defensive lines and destroy fortified positions posed a significant challenge to allied forces.

After the war, the Tiger I tank was examined by the allied powers, and its technology influenced the development of future tanks. Despite demanding production and operational requirements, its strength and effectiveness placed it among the most successful and well-known tanks of World War II.

For more information on the history of the tank, click here.

Main features of this model:

  • Highly detailed design
  • Individually printable wheels and “tires” (e.g., for FLEX filament)
  • Detailed English and Czech building instructions (preview available below)
  • Compatible with most common 3D printers
  • Custom-designed gearbox
  • Detailed instructions and easy assembly

Recommended materials: PETG, ABS, ASA, FLEX
Minimum bed size: 220 x 220 mm
File format: STL

Preview of the public section of the model assembly guide (PDF):
English Version     
Czech Version

NOTE: This product includes digital files of the RC tank Tiger H1 for 3D printing purposes only. 3D printer and materials are not included. Recommended for experienced enthusiasts and individuals with access to a 3D printer. It is a different model than the 1:16 scale model. Some dimensions of the tank may slightly differ from the real machine.

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